What makes a quality article?

When it comes to thought leadership, your contributions should not reflect conventional wisdom — it should help shape it. That means being forward thinking, even provocative. Your thoughts should be the missing link in understanding events in the news, how to get in front of trends or solve emerging challenges. Your experience and wisdom will help readers make smarter decisions. 

Clear thinking leads to clear writing. Keys to a great article are a sharp point of view, acknowledgement of more than one perspective, data, examples, and, finally, informed guidance about how to address the issue at hand. The more practical and precise the advice, the more useful your article will be. In this age of misinformation, quality information is at a premium.

What is a thought leader?

A person who is a specialist or recognized in their profession for their accomplishments or position. That’s the Leader part. The Thought part involves having something to say that other people haven’t thought about or drawing smart conclusions about trends or events. If you can break news or break ground, all the more valuable your perspective is for the audience.

Thought leadership is not about promoting yourself or your product. That’s an ad. Thought leadership is about sharing expertise and being brave enough to let others test your thinking. The more out of the box and practical your insight and advice, the more you stand out. Passion and expertise are two different things. So, leave the hot takes to the sportswriters. We’ll help you with the rest.

How does thought leadership drive engagement?

It’s two-fold: the organic participation on the publication site and channels around the article asset; and the interactions generated through targeted amplification outreach. Being published is great. But that’s not where the road ends – it’s where it begins. With published article in hand, expand your reach beyond the publications readership to fire up internal and external networks, channel audiences, and prospect pipelines with meaningful dialogue around your smart ideas and advice. 

By showcasing your thought leadership in news pages and amplifying it with new and known audiences, you reap the benefits of broad media exposure while also feeding channel conversations and growing influencer and follower networks. It’s win-win. Engagement is the evidence of connectivity and resonance between your professional profile, your brand identity and message, and the needs and interests of your audiences. We help you reach your sweet spot.