Exciting News to Share: An Origin Story

KLOWTIFY Commentary Team

Today, we are over-the-moon to share with you and the world that our new company KLOWTIFY has launched! The new website is now live, and we are excited to fully embark on this adventure with co-founders Greg Moore and Jennifer Clancy.

Our company works with executives to produce thought leadership, to share their knowledge and expertise with readers of national publications and trade journals. Contributing to the news ecosystem in this way helps professionals elevate their profiles and provide valuable information for people and businesses to make the best decisions about where to invest their time and money and how to build their enterprises.

Working as digital media professionals, we spend a lot of time reading the news. What we’ve learned is that the majority of publications are not nearly inclusive enough, which means a lot of perspectives are not represented in a society that is becoming more diverse, not less. KLOWTIFY wants to be part of the solution in diversifying media. We want to work with small and medium-sized businesses, especially women and people of color, to make thought leadership more representative and accessible.

Quality insights can and should come from a wide range of professional perspectives.

What would it take to get more women into nationally recognized thought leadership? How might we forge new avenues for more people of color to showcase their expertise and magnify their profiles in support of business growth? What would it take to level the playing field and help more people participate in sharing their knowledge with those seeking it — from investors to the board room and C-suite to middle management, reporters, designers and communications professionals?

A shared conscientiousness and collective dedication and respect.

What Jennifer brings in digital acumen, Greg matches in journalism gravitas. Over a 40-year career in news from his start at The Journal Herald in Dayton and the Plain Dealer in Cleveland to his management and leadership roles at The Boston Globe and The Denver Post, Greg has a deep commitment to demystifying and diversifying the news.

All it took was a few beers as friends (built on the better part of a decade trusting and respecting each other’s work) for Greg and Jennifer to naturally settle on this direction. And ultimately, that synergy grew into KLOWTIFY.

We are excited to celebrate the start of this journey. We believe the more recognition and success we can help our clients achieve, the more we can serve audiences and members of our communities — to make smart financial decisions and even see themselves as CEOs and entrepreneurs. We can help inspire the next generation of leaders that reflects America.

This is about new pathways, new opportunities. This is about peace and respect and supporting diversity movements as positive change for the benefit of all. And at the heart of it — this is about making great news.

We are grateful to have you along for the ride.